What Even Is Willy Skate Co.?

Willy Skate Company was created based on a vision to unite the skateboarding community, and eventually the world through the simple concept that if you are doing what you love, life is fun. You're not worried about anything else except what it is that you're doing in that moment, and that's kinda sick.

I grew up in a small town in West Texas. Where there's no skate park, in fact there wasn't any skate culture there at all at the time. If I wanted to skate there were a couple spots around town, but it was really just flat ground in the driveway. I learned how to fabricate metal and got pretty good at it. Naturally I wanted to build my own stuff to shred. So I did, and created my own slice of paradise in the driveway.

Fast forward, halfway through college... I was putting in work in the classroom, and doing well. However, I was consistently frustrated with how the work I was putting in wasn't getting me any closer to doing something I was passionate about. I knew I loved skateboarding, and I wanted to do something that allowed me to work with skating. Willy Skate Company is the product of that.

The unorthodox name was definitely somewhat inspired by the grind, but the company also bears the same name as my grandfather. He taught me that what's really important is enjoying every day with those around you, and that if you work hard and are kind to others, good things will come your way. 

If you have a love for skateboarding you know that it is the ultimate outlet, it allows you to stop thinking, forget about your problems, and just have fun. After all, that's what it's about. Our goal is to bring people together through doing what they love, spreading kindness, and positivity. Helping others see the light in this world we live in. Whether it be on a board, or elsewhere... Find your playground.

Much love,

Shane Brock